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Fanime Con (Friday) – May 27, 2016

Friday event coverage of Fanime Con.

Northern California cosplay community came out in full swing at Fanime 2016. Many cosplayers changed their outfits daily, and several hardworking groups frequently changed during the day for photoshoots and different gatherings!

The high temperatures during the day created a challenge for cosplayers and photographers outdoors. Those in heavily armored cosplays, massive wigs, and large coats felt the scorching sun on their backs. They powered through high noon and took breaks inside the air conditioned convention center during their downtimes.

There were many interesting twists on cosplays as people added their unique styles and personalities to make the cosplays their own. From gender bender to fan art influenced outfits, many spent long night hours perfecting their craft so that the public could see their diligent effort be displayed over the five day convention.

Any tagging of any cosplayers you may know in the photos as well as sharing our coverage to others is greatly appreciated.

Full event coverage found on our Facebook website.
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