About Us

Founded in 2002 out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Import Image consist mainly of auto enthusiasts that are also experienced freelance photographers and videographers.  They believed that their skills and talents in the multimedia forum can be applied to the growing auto-aftermarket industry.

By applying numerous years of knowledge and experience of this growing culture and in the media genre of video and photography, Import Image will be able to create new and exciting projects as well as business opportunities (and partnerships) that they believe this growing market will embrace.

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Import Image continues to provide media content of photos, video & articles to several media outlets especially to those located in the San Francisco Bay Area and/or focused in the auto aftermarket industry.

UPDATE:  We are expanding our coverage starting 2015! Import Image will expand on media for other “imported” cultures such as k-pop events (Korean), j-pop/anime/cosplay conventions (Japanese), Filipino fiestas/cultural events, and so forth.  We realized our media family have common interest of other cultures around the world that the U.S. is slowly adopting.  We hope to provide media to those that will appreciate the positive experiences we encounter when attending these events.

Thank you!
Import Image Staff – Please contact us through our facebook page @importimagecoverage, thank you!

Media Staff

Joe Ninobla
Founder and Photo Journalist

Albert Chang
Partner and Sr. Editor and Photo Journalist

Nick Ruiz, Jr.
Partner and Director of Marketing (Southern California) and Photo Journalistm

Jerry Rodrigo
Director of Marketing  (Northern California) & Special Projects and Photo Journalist (Partnered through FknFamous.com)

Susan He
Project Coordinator (SF Bay Area Region) & Photo Journalist

Joel Deguzman
Project Coordinator (SF Bay Area Region) & Photo Journalist (Partnered through SansRevall)

Christian Nelson
Project Coordinator (MidWest Area Region) & Photo Journalist (IG @can_did_photos)

Kong V. Iv
Senior Photo/Video Journalist & Industry Consultant (Partnered through Light Vision Studio)

Voltaire Cacal
Project Coordinator (Texas Region) & Photo Journalist

Joseph Andres – Lead Social Media & Video Journalist
Daniel Handa 
– Lead Photo/Video Journalist (Partnered through Kaminari Photo)
Derrick Au –
Lead Photo Journalist (Partnered through DJAU Design)
Jozef Jon Gantan – Lead Photo Journalist (Partnered through HonuVisualz Photography)

Mark Singhaseni – Lead Photo Journalist, Bay Area Region
Yvaine Singhaseni – Lead Photo Journalist, Bay Area Region
Erwin Weaver – Lead Photo Journalist, Nevada Region (Partnered through Erwin Weaver Photography)

Alan Bautista – Photo Journalist (IG @AlanJBautista)
Charis Cacal – Photo Journalist
Kaitlynn Cacal – Junior Photo Journalist
Anne Kimberly Dado – Photo Journalist (Partnered through AKD Photos)
John & Ty Fujinami – Photo Journalists (Partnered through Fujinami Photography)
Sarah Herrera – Photo Journalist (Texas Region)
Emily Ireland – Photo Journalist (Emily Ireland Photography)
Dennis Lee – Photo Journalist (Partnered through CodeAIC.com)
Jenn Manuel – Photo Journalist
Richard Obligacion – Photo Journalist (Partnered through Richard Perry Photography)
Ryan Santos Social Media Journalist
Andrew Turner – Photo Journalist (Pacific Region)
Edwin Villanueva
 – Photo Journalist (Partnered through CodeAIC.com)
Martin Villoria – Photo Journalist (Texas & Philippines Region)
Jess Viscovich – Photo Journalist – jess@importimage.com
Alexandra Vu – Photo Journalist (IG @spectated)
Martin Wilson – Photo Journalist (Partnered through MartianPics.com)
Les Wong – Contributing Photo Journalist
Filemon Zafra – Photo Journalist (Partnered through FilZafra Photograhy)

Miss Becky Hui – NorCal Project Consultant
Miss Rockey Basco – Industry Consultant
Edmund Carnecer – Industry Consultant (Automotive)

If your interested in being a part of our media group, please e-mail us your info & any samples of your work (link to a web portflio preferred) – info@importimage.com

Our original Import Image Banner Ad 2002

List of a few of our media partners we have been proud/fortunate to provide media content for:  CarAndModel.com, ShiftR.com, Times Herald (Vallejo), Contra Costa Times,  Philippine News, TunerPlayground.com, ShiftR.com, FknFamous.com, Hot Import Nights, Extreme Autofest, DrivingLine.com, Wheelwell.com, CarCultureTV.com and SuperStreet Magazine etc.