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Tuner Evolution: SoCal – Jan 14, 2018

Tuner Evolution kicked off the 2018 season by bringing a little East Coast flavor to the heart of the tuner industry.  Beautiful Anaheim, California hosted the first ever Tuner Evolution show in the west coast.  The wait came to an end, and it was time to live up to the hype.  However, it didn’t take long for the show hosts realized that California plays by a set of rules that are a little bit different than the rest of the country.  You can’t get away with much here.

The show starts off with an immediate 70 minute delay of the doors opening.  The fire marshals declared that the staging of the vehicles did not meeting fire regulations.  The congested lobby continued to pack in fans and the line continued to grow outside the door. Ticket sales didn’t begin until an hour after its scheduled opening.  Nobody was allowed inside until the vehicles that were staged within the fire lines were properly aligned.  The anticipation continued to build while the crowd grew more and more anxious to see what all the hysteria was all about.

The convention center doors finally opened at 12:10 pm, followed by the mad dash of show goers mimicking a black Friday sale rush.  Everyone wanted to be the first to take in the East Coast vibe.  The event had its moments from the main stage with live performances, spoiling the crowd with music and giveaways throughout the day.  The indoor BMX bike tricks brought a different spice to the car show experience.  The B-boy and B-girl battles were sure to be a big crowd pleaser.  The bikini contest was a massive success, making it difficult for the crowd and the judges to decide which model they loved best.  In the end, the beautiful, Jessica Sunok, edged over her competitors to be declared the first Tuner Evo SoCal bikini contest winner.

Moreover, many kids and adults alike were drawn to the RC drifting. Drivers of these little RC monsters were judged by a panel of judges just like any other drifting event. Drivers were critiqued on their drifting technique through the course of the track.  Al & Ed’s Autosound provided a live demo on how to vinyl wrap a car.  Other venders such as 360 Brazilian Mist sparked the crowd’s interest with free spins to win product.  If you wanted to take home a version of one of your favorite vehicles, the guys from HHwHH brought a massive selection of die cast collectibles that will ensure that you’ll find something everyone will love.

It’s tough to have a successful car show event without the models.  Due to popular demand, many of the industry favorite models made the trip to Southern California to be part of this inaugural event.  Crowd pleasers, Marie Madore, Brittani Paige, and Janis True made an appearance to sign autographs and take pictures with their thousands of fans in attendance.  Bear Dellinger burnt some excessive rubber to ensure she didn’t miss out on her b3ar nation fans. Local favorite and Maxim hot 100 model, Ela Pasion took the show to a new level of hot.  Kuya’s brought their A-game celebrating 20 years of service of model protection.

Nevertheless, we can’t have a tuner car show without the tuned cars.  Tuner Evolution drew cars from several different facets.  The attendees got a taste for a variety of different backgrounds to each build.  Team Nocturnal’s newest member, Alani Fouquette, came out hard debuting The Blue Label TSX’s new look with a synthetic blue carbon fiber front end.  The show’s lighting gave this front end a pop that had to be seen in person to appreciate.  The detail that went into this car is truly amazing.  The hand engraved wheels with matching interior and engine bay shows the passion that went into this show stopper.  The import tuner slash low rider crossover appearance on this car was put together like a thing of beauty.

In contrast, Scott Afters’ Liberty Walk widebody McLaren is the epitome of what a finely built exotic looks like.  No extra flashing lights or excessive accessories.  This build is all purpose and all business.  After winning SEMA 2017’s best import build, Afters brought his trophy build to Tuner Evo to display in front of his home town crowd.  We are all sure glad he did.  This car drew a large crowd all night.  The janitors had to put in extra hours after the show mopping up the pile of drool left behind from the crowd’s jaws hitting the floor.

Likewise, Clean culture showed up big to the event while team Hybrid took home honors with the most participants.  Camber Gang made their statement at the show with their cambered lifestyle. Team NVUS and Team Elevate showed up in the masses.  In spite, nobody outshone Team Auto Concepts who took home the Best Team Quality Award and Team R-Rydes who won Best of Show with Randy Rigg’s beautiful Infiniti G35.

Despite the slow start and the car staging debacle, Tuner Evo’s kick off to the 2018 car show season ended as a success.  We can’t wait for their 2019 edition.